Finding Drug Rehab For Your Teen

One of the scariest situation parents can face is finding out that their teenager has been using drugs. Unfortunately, drug use is a part of teen culture. CBS News cited one study showing that 81% of teenagers reported having the opportunity to use illegal drugs and that 42.5% did use them. If your teen is using drugs, you need to act fast. A rehab center is often the answer to a teen drug problem. Here's what you should look for when finding the right rehab for your teenager. 

They are Teen Centered

Find a rehab center that either exclusively treats teenagers or that has a program specifically for teenagers. Teen drug abuse is not the same as adult drug abuse. Your child needs a specialized program. 

They Address the Physical

Some teenagers do drugs because of a chemical imbalance or other physical problem. The treatment center should do the work necessary to find out if your child has a physical issue contributing to the problem. 

They Address the Emotional

Teenagers are often going through significant turmoil as their brains and bodies develop and they face new challenges and opportunities. Any drug rehab program should have a big focus on your teenager's emotional needs and should provide intense counseling and group therapy sessions. 

They Bring in the Family

Your teen's rehabilitation program should include you. A teenager's drug problem does not only belong to the child. It is a problem for the whole family, especially the parents. You should be required by the program to attend family counseling sessions. 

They Offer Options

A good treatment center will have several different approaches to substance abuse and will personalize your teen's rehabilitation experience. They should offer individual therapy, medication, coping techniques and group sessions. Also look for programs that offer something artistic like painting or music as well as opportunities to be physically active. 

They Provide Continuing Care

Your child's drug rehab program should not just stop abruptly. Look for a center that focuses on helping kids step back into their day to day lives after they are clean. When kids go back to school and old friends, they are very vulnerable to going back to old habits. Your child should continue to have therapy from trusted adults throughout this time in order to facilitate living a clean lifestyle. 

It is a serious problem when a teenager abuses drugs. To give your teen the best shot at a healthy life, you need to find a treatment program that will lead to success. Contact treatment centers in your area for more information.

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