4 Signs You've Met The Right Business Coach For You

Whether you are opening your first business or looking for ways to grow your current business, finding a business coach that can help you accomplish your goals can be a difficult process. There are many business coaches offering their services, and while some may be able to help you grow your business in a sustainable way, others may not be as effective. If you are interviewing possible coaches, here are four signs that you have found a good match. 

They Are Easy to Talk To 

In order to make the most of your sessions with your business coach, you will have to disclose personal information including your frustrations, hopes, and shortcomings. This will help them to create a plan for you to grow your business knowledge. While a rapport may grow over time, if you want to see results quickly, you should select a business coach that you feel comfortable with during your initial interview process. Feeling comfortable with the coach is also a sign that they will be able to assist you in developing your own interpersonal skills, if that is an area you struggle in. 

They Are Interested In Your Project 

Your business coach does not need direct experience in your field. In fact, their experience in another field may prove more beneficial as they will be able to adapt your business model using knowledge they gained in other areas. However, it is important that they are interested in your field. Instead of talking about their own background, they should show interest in your specific project by telling you how their coaching services will apply to your current business venture. 

You Learn Something During the Interview 

If you come away from the interview with a new perspective on your business venture or a bit of new knowledge that you can implement immediately, it is a sign that you will work well with that coach. It usually means that they are excited about your project and that you felt comfortable enough with them talk seriously about your business.

They Ask Questions About You 

Your coach should be interested in your success as an individual. If you find that you are leading the interviews, it may be a sign that you will not work well together. However, if they ask questions about you and listen to the answers, it is a sign that they will work to help you develop as a business person. 

If you are looking for a business coach, it is important to find someone like Fagan & Associates who will help you increase your skills and grow your business efficiently.

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